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We have produced many successful applications. Here are some of our greatest works.

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HOMii Lifestyle App

Business Digitisation

API Integration

Utility Management

Lock Integration

HOMii Lifestyle app is a fully-integrated urban tenant app providing the tenants of HOMii buidlings across South Africa with a completely automated solution to check-in, renew bookings, view utility usage, top-up their wallet, unlock doors, and manage their tenant profile.

Midstream App

Real Estate

Mobile and Admin Apps

Push Notifications

Location Services

The Midstream app notifies residents of events and service disruptions and enables users to send emergency requests for paramedics / security, and hosts a map-enabled directory of businesses and information. All managed from an admin portal integration with mobile.

Peermont Winners Circle App

Mobile & Admin Apps

Payments / Transactions


Digital Wallet

The Winners Circle App improves the experience of customers through a digital wallet to transfer funds to and from your Winners Circle Cards, integrating with casino systems as well as payment systems. The app lets users complete surveys dynamically created on the admin portal to generate passes for easy access.

GetLion App and Platform


Admin Portal

Rewards System

User Experience

Built for entreprenuers to start, manage and grow their businesses. The GetLion app and platform brings together all aspects of running a small business such as Learning, Funding, Services, Business Growth and a Marketplace. An advanced rewards system ensures businesses are rewarded for growing their businesses.

Sendr App and Platform

Consumer and Driver App

On-demand tracking

Route Optimisation

Business to business

The Sendr mobile applications and platform bring together a fully-featured, on-demand delivery platform connecting consumers and businesses to the Sendr delivery fleet in real-time. API-driven orders can be placed either via partner interfaces or mobile application connections. The driver app enable drivers to complete deliveries and keeps track of all information logged during the delivery process.

Nology Stack Portal

API Integration

Admin and Partner Portals

Stock Management

Business Digitisation

The Nology portal provides a platform for administrators and clients to be in complete control of their inventory. Orders can be done online using the portal or using the simplified API integration. Advanced workflows delivers accurate descriptions of what the status is regarding a product or order.

SFX in partnership with Ria


Mobile App

API Integration


The SFX in partnership with Ria app extends the fully-integrated, global remittance hub to a new customer channel through the use of a user-friendly Android and iOS app. Users can add beneficiaries, check rates and execute transactions across the globe.

Traffic App

Mobile & Admin Apps

Content Management System

Offline Mode

Environmental Impact

The traffic app helps combat wildlife crime across Africa by guiding prosecutors and investigators to follow best practices. Points to prove, evidence, offence details are easy to access and to search through this dynamic, off-line-available app.

Mind the Speed


Web App

API Integration

User Dashboard

Mind the Speed is a fibre internet service provider integrating with multiple fibre network operations in South Africa. Codehesion built the full ordering process from fibre feasibility checks, CRM integrations, online contract integration, admin interface, all the way to a customer dashboard.