From idea to 1500 app downloads in the first 2 days

Property Development

Midstream, South Africa

Improve communication to residents Security andmedical emergency request channel to all residents

Idea to launch in 12 weeks, with 1500 downloads in first two days

Visual prototype, Graphic design, React Native Platform for IOS and Android, Admin dashboard, database design and implementation, API setup

Developing the Midstream App

Innovative property development company, Bondev, wanted to build a quality app for their residents to improve the living experience of their residents. We were very keen to work with them and build something great.

Prototyping and graphic design

- Briefing sessions with Bondev exploring functions that turn challenges into solutions through an app

- Built basic visual prototype in Marvel and collaborated with Bondev to really nail down all functions the app should have

- Collaborated on Marvel until everyone was happy with the functionality of the app

- Concluded a graphic design exercise bringing colour to the app and visualising how the app is going to look.

Understanding existing systems

We started with the build of the database and back-end functions.

- We ensured Bondev has complete control over the app from the admin dashboard to update points of interest in their directory, and send targeted notifications or broadcast notifications to residents

- User management was included so residents can securely be approved when using the app

- An emergency dashboard to receive emergency requests (via panic request or photos taken by residents) to act swiftly and report back on actions

The Mobile App

Next, we built the mobile app in React Native that was controlled by the administrators via API.

- Flexible structures to display all information (contact numbers, email addresses, location, and images) of places available in the directory

- Location services and camera integration for emergency requests

- Push notification receipt with image display

- Offline synchronisation strategies


The first version of the Midstream App was launched on 23 August 2019 which received an enormous 1500 downloads on the first two days due to exceptional marketing. The mobile app has now been downloaded 6600+ times by residents. The mobile app and back-end went from idea to launch in 12 weeks.

The app can be downloaded here: