15 000 + app downloads and counting for HOMii


Durban, South Africa

Improve customer accessibility. Allow for ease of booking, checking in and out, as well as utility billing

More than 15 000 users, and counting, operating an app launched in less than 11 weeks

Visual prototype, Graphic design, React Native Platform for IOS and Android, Website design, Integration to existing API and SALTO

Developing the HOMii App

The well-established business HOMii had a vision to extend their range of operations to a contactless device. This would help to improve customer satisfaction, business efficiency and overall standard of organisation performance. We are so proud of our HOMii team, and their brilliant work which is definitely something to boast about.

Prototyping and graphic design

- Ongoing briefing sessions with SOInteractive and HOMii to ensure all parties are aligned to the project scope

- Proptyping and design by SOInteractive with feedback from our developers ensuring the existing design would be functional in a mobile app

- Collaborated and commented on the design until everyone was happy with the functionality of the app

Understanding existing systems

HOMii is an established business with many clients but wished to extend their range and improve the lives of their clients by going contactless. This entailed:

- Integrating with an existing bookings system

- Multiple stay types each with their own ruleset. Want to stay a day only? You can. Want to stay a month or more? Sure. Wish to move in with a friend? No problem. Want to safely share with a stranger? We’ve got you

- Integration with external API

The Mobile App

This beautiful app allows seamless onboarding of new clients and simplifying the renewal process for existing ones all within one space.

- Make bookings; search your city and select your apartment

- Safe payment methods; pay via debit or credit card or use your HOMii wallet

- Contactless entry by using the app as a virtual key via SALTO integration

- View your utility usage in-app and never run out by topping up using the app

- Real time push and email notification reminders


No more forgetting to renew and missing the deadline, no more running out of electricity and no more struggling to get a room that suits your needs perfectly. The app is a huge success increasing conversion rates and decreasing physical paperwork since the app launched in 29 May 2020 with over 15 000 + downloads and growing each month.

The app can be downloaded here: