Why you should join the crew…

Why should you join the Codehesion crew?

When joining the Codehesion crew, you are not only joining one of South Africa's top development companies, but you become a part of a that is to its core passionate about coding, building great things togerther and maintaining our unique open, transparent, and tight-knit culture. Your work will directly impact the final product when it goes to market.

What you tell people you do as a developer at Codehesion...

You will form part of one of the project teams. On these project teams, some knowledgeable seniors can help you when you get stuck and teach you best practises within your tech stack. You will learn with the guidance of your trusty Stream or Technical Lead and the support of your Project Management team. You will be allocated to an exciting project where you will collaborate with various people in a team to solve complex problems and build high-quality quickly through code. It is an exhilirating process as you will learn every step - from planning to execution and see your product go to the market. Can you imagine driving past a billboard of a well-known brand and knowing that you build an App, website or system for them?

What you'll do...

Based on your knowledge within a tech stack, you are allocated to projects that excite you and the client. While working on an assigned project, you will be able to work with some of the best people in the industry. Since we are a growing company, there will be ample opportunities for you to have input into the final product.

In the initial kick-off session, you will be a part of the project's planning and work with the Project Management team to determine how the project will progress and ensure expectations are met. You will work with the Design team and have regular meetings with them and the client to ensure that we stay on track with any changes.

At Codehesion, the crew know why they are there. They enjoy working in supportive teams, have similar goals, want to make an impact, have a high drive for excellence, and enjoy solving complex business problems.

About our projects

We have done over 50+ projects.

We have developed web and mobile applications in various industries and have succeeded in all of them. The industries include financial, government, educational, property, logistics, entertainment, and data security.

The languages we use at Codehesion are:

React, React-Native, Ruby, Ruby on Rails & C#

What your day might look like at Codehesion...

You get into the office bright and early and smell freshly brewed coffee. You place your things at your desk and follow the coffee aroma straight to the breakroom. Here, some of your colleagues start their day with freshly brewed, strong coffee. You greet them as you wait for your cup to brew and head back to your desk to check your emails and view your calendar.

Between 08:00 - 9:30 (depending on if you come in early or late), you have standup where you discuss your daily (nuggets) goals and answer the standup question that on this day was; If you could have any superpower, what would it be? When everyone is on track and knows what they need to do for the day with the input of your Team Leads, you return to your desk and jump into coding. As you work through your tickets, you can ask any of your team members if you are stuck and get their input. You can rubber-duck the problem or simply take a break and play some Nintendo Switch to get the creative juices flowing. Around 11:00 am, you might have a demo meeting with one of the clients to show them the progress you have make, it is always exciting to show clients what you have done, and most of the time - they are ecstatic.

After your meeting, you head to the kitchen to grap a fresh cold soda and food. Over lunch, you chat and laugh with a couple of your colleagues and head to the chill room for a game of table tennis when your are finished.

You haed back to your desk and continue with the rest of the day by chatting to the design team about some of the elements and listening to your favourite music while you code. When you have finished your hours for the day, you finish up and get ready to end yet another good day at Codehesion.

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