Software Engineer Job Spec

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, you are responsible for the research, design and writing of new software solutions as part of a team on a project. Software knowledge based on client requirements varies across the teams, which offers scope for technical variety and growth in this role.

This role will report to the Head of Project Management and rely on their Stream/Team Lead for technical guidance and mentorship. You will be required to have a minimum of 0-2 years of relevant development experience.

Within the Project Team

  • The employee engages in internal feedback and planning sessions - participates and gives feedback.
  • Within the planning sessions, employee understand the function of a story point & weighing of tasks.
  • Within the frame of the project, the employee is able to manage their workload effectively.
  • Employee works well with the team and Project Management Office to gain an understanding of project requirements.
  • The employee engages and contributes to daily stand-ups and timely escalates any issues.
  • The employee works to the best of their ability with the Project Manager/Project Administrator on their team to ensure that the project produced is of high quality within the specific timeframe.

    Software Development

    • The employee is able to understand the basic components of a system.
    • The employee is able to learn to work with industry best practices to enable stable applications.
    • The employee is able to understand and implement the integration of software with third party systems and/or software written by Codehesion.
    • Assist in the implementation of business processes (rules) in software according to client requirements.
    • Employee asks for help and gets through blockers quickly.
    • Code review - Employee is able to assist in the reviewing of colleagues' work when necessary.
    • Employee is able to apply and understand company tech stacks applicable to your projects.
    • The employee is able to debug and review their own work.


      • BSc, BEng, BCom, BCompt, Honours or Masters degree from on of the mainstream universities.
      • Practical industry experience which has resulted in a proven track record.

        Living The Values Of Codehesion


        Eagerness to learn and progress: Growth in technical ability. Growth in project performance. Invests and takes ownership in individual/professional growth.

        Passion for brand

        Participation in company activities. Passion for Codehesion’s collective goal to thrive. You have a positive influence within your work environment. Contributes to company initiatives.

        Get to done

        Effectively meeting project deadlines. Availability (creating time to learn). Working on context switch ability. Learning to deal with pressure.

        Team Player

        Effectively communicates with team, peers, superiors, and clients. Effectively manages a good relationship with team, peers, superiors, and clients.

        Sign your work

        Ownership. Quality. Responsibility.

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