Bulk business-to-business hardware delivery, sorted


Country-wide, South Africa

Value-add to business clients through attaching stock management and logistic services to their hardware-driven sales approach.

Complex status management and process flexibility

Visual prototype, Graphic design, Back-end Platform, API development

Developing the Nology Stack Platform

Deadlines were tight as we streamlined development on the Nology Stack platform. Good architectural decisions had to be made to ensure that the full ordering to delivery process is fully working and visible to business parnters involved through a well-designed API layer.

Prototyping and graphic design

- Ongoing briefing sessions with Nology to ensure all parties are aligned to the project scope

- Proptyping and design with feedback from our developers and design team ensuring the existing design would be functional in a mobile app

- Collaborated and commented on the design until everyone was happy with the planned functionality and design of the app

Understanding the business workflow and current processes

To ensure flexibility to Nology's business partners, we had to understand exactly waht needs to be acheived through the process and architect the solution accordingly. Multiple fail-safes had to be built for the ordering to delivery process to ensure automatic delivery can happen seemlessly and manual intervention is allowed in extreme cases.

- Understanding how technology will replace internal manual processes

- Understand how staff will manage and monitor orders throughout the process

- Plan the flexibility required to cater for multiple businesses and products via API and during the process.

The Stack Platform

We built a fully-featured inventory management and delivery status mangement system all integrated via API with Nology's business partners.

- Flexible API orders acceptance

- API communication with logistics partners

- API status feedback and internal status updates

- Full visibility of the process and logging of all transactional information

- Waybill generation

- Inventory management


Nology has launched their Stack platofrm with various of their business clients to enhance their offering over that of their competitors.