Easy, fast, safe, same day, on-demand courier service


Country-wide, South Africa

Digitise and streamline a manual logistical processes for consumers and business clients

On-demand delivery and tracking

Visual prototype, Graphic design, React Native Platform for IOS and Android, Back-end Platform

Developing the Sendr Platform and App

Architecture and planning was key in separating various concerns such as orders, jobs, stock items ad delivey batches. A full platform was built that enables fleet optimisation, the creation of orders via API, web interfaces and mobile apps, the tracking and fulfillment of jobs, and delivery tracking.

Prototyping and graphic design

- Ongoing briefing sessions with Sendr to ensure all parties are aligned to the project scope

- Proptyping and design with feedback from our developers and design team ensuring the existing design would be functional in a mobile app

- Collaborated and commented on the design until everyone was happy with the planned functionality and design of the app

Understanding the business workflow and current processes

Before the Sendr digital platform was built, we had to understand how their business functions currently and how a digital solution will fit in with their current processes while streamlining their business.

- Understanding the complete existing "happy days" logistical workflow

- Understanding the exceptions that can disrupt the process and how to deal with them automatically or manually.

- Planning a platform that will give visibility to internal staff, logisitcal staff memebers, business clients, and consumers.

The Mobile Apps

The consumer app allows regular users to request small parcel deliveries from one location to another within their metropolitan area. The staff app enables Sendr staff members to deliver business or consumer requests in real time.

- Payment gateway integration

- On-demand quote calculation

- API integration to back-end logic

- Tracking of delivery process and statuses

- Sign-off and offline mode deliveries


Sendr is disrupting the on-demand business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer delivery of smaller items othrough its fleet of motorbikes. Featured by CNN inside Africa as a technology company enabling on-demand delivery and job creation.

The Sendr back-end has fulfilled more than 20 000 deliveries in 2021. The consumer app is being launched August 2021.