Your business could benefit from a mobile app – Here’s how to find out

28 February 2020

Mobile apps can help businesses in many ways, including with better customer relations, increased staff productivity, and improved client loyalty.

Mobile apps can help businesses in many ways, including with better customer relations, increased staff productivity, and improved client loyalty.

With most economically-active people in South Africa using smartphones, it is now necessary for many businesses to have their own mobile apps to remain competitive.

It is, however, expensive to get your own Android or iOS app. The typical cost to build a custom mobile app is anywhere from R400,000 to well over R1 million.

In many cases a mobile website or web dashboard are excellent tools to communicate with clients and improve the operations of a company. Here, no mobile app is needed.

However, if a company wants to increase its client stickiness, improve staff productivity on the road, or have a true smartphone presence, a mobile app is recommended.

It should be noted that a mobile app will not magically improve operations, though. There must be a clear vision and purpose for the app and how it will fit into the company’s operations.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers has provided prominent reasons why companies approach them to build custom apps, below.

1. Improving your business operations and staff productivity

One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps is the improvement of a company’s operations through automation and increased employee productivity.

This is particularly true for companies with staff who are on the road or work remotely. Many companies use location-based services and task lists in apps to ensure their employees’ performance meet expectations.

2. Improve communication with customers

For businesses which regularly communicate with their customers, a mobile app makes perfect sense.

An app gives the business a presence on their clients’ home screen and makes things like push notifications possible. Push notifications are more targeted than other marketing channels and are less intrusive.

3. Creating customer loyalty

A quality mobile app can increase customer loyalty and create stickiness for a company.

After customers start using a company’s app, they are less likely to move to a competitor. This is one of the main reasons why banks are working hard to ensure that their clients use their mobile apps.

4. Creating a competitive edge

A well-designed mobile app can give a business a competitive edge.

Whether the app streamlines operations through automation or improved client engagement, it shows clients that a business is ready for the digital age.

Building a mobile app for your business
Beyers encourages companies which are considering building a mobile app to contact Codehesion for a free consultation.

This consultation will give a company a good overview of the project scope and what it will take to get their own mobile app.

For a free consultation, please complete the form below or visit Codehesion’s website.